The main hero in Gorky 17 is Cole Sullivan, a fascinatingly complex character. Play for a while and you’ll feel yourself taking on his traits and sharing his emotions, above all his very personal feelings towards the other characters and their environment. How did we achieve this? Simple ... by combining the pure excitement of battle with the element of surprise and exploration found in adventures.

In addition to fighting turn-based battles against realistic monsters, you can also shoot off locks, pick up newspapers, converse with other characters and even solve some tricky puzzles! This, in a nutshell, is the concept behind Gorky 17 – combine the best of the genres to create the best game possible. Here’s a little nibble ... you’re engaged in a heavy battle against a deformed hybrid. He’s getting the upper hand, but is down to his last shot. Suddenly he starts begging for his life, pleading with you to show mercy. He offers to reveal the location of a rebel ammunition dump down in the sewers – he even gives you the key! You agree and follow him. But ... it’s a trap! Suddenly four giant monsters attack from all sides. Tricky eh?


  • Combines the best of three genres: (I) exploration and interaction with your environment (adventure), (II) character development (RPG), (III) engrossing battles with a wide variety of enemies (strategy)
  • Adventure elements are smoothly woven into the strategic battles, to create an exciting world and get you intensely involved in the scheme of things. Here you’re not just an observer - you’re truly part of the action!
  • The horror/s-f story, along with the in-game events and spectacular Softimage-created FMV cut scenes, is central to the game. The plot is realistic and rich, with riveting twists and turns that will keep you glued to your chair
  • The user interface is powerful and packed with features, yet intuitive and easy to learn
  • An excellent soundtrack lends the perfect atmosphere to each scene
  • With countless subtle touches, little "secrets" and random events the game stays suspenseful and fun - no matter how often you play


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